Labour and Employment

CARRERA guarantees comprehensive and quality advice and legal defence in the area of labour law.

Our law firm is committed to safeguarding the principles and legal standards in this area, aimed at protecting the work undertaken freely and voluntarily by an employed person in exchange for remuneration. Our lawyers’ vast knowledge in Social Security (the managing organisation for labour systems) is key to our success. Our team’s advisory strategy is based on keeping our clients informed of any legal and judicial developments that may affect their particular case.


Our lawyers have extensive experience in Labour Law.


Advice on labour and Social Security regulations, while optimising any decisions and economic measures that could result in a reduction of company burdens. Resolution of queries regarding company transactions within the labour and social security area.

  • Drafting and/or review of employment contracts to meet the entity’s operational and structural requirements, as well as special clauses (continuity agreement, post-contractual non-compete, exclusivity, etc.), while informing about the necessary requirements and features.
  • Special relations of Senior Management.
  • Recruitment of disabled people and analysis of alternative measures to comply with the ‘reserve quota’.
  • Advice on contractors, provision of services with third parties (natural persons or legal entities, to avoid labour risks and/or illegal transfer of workers) and temporary employment agencies.
  • General advice on individual procedures for suspension or termination of employment contracts.
  • General advice on the vicissitudes of professional relationships (working conditions, absences and penalties, schedule, mobility, vacation, etc.) and workers’ special situations (maternity leave, unpaid leave, work –life balance, etc.).
  • Advice on collective employee relations and workers’ legal representatives (right to information and consultation, electoral processes, guarantees and responsibilities of workers’ representatives, etc.)
  • General advice on remuneration.

Advice on Social Security membership, registration, de-registration and contributions under the different social security systems; social benefits, complementary welfare schemes and voluntary contributions.

Labour issues related to mergers, spin-offs, business trading, company dissolution and reorganisation.

Due Diligence advice, drafting and follow-up.

Mediation, arbitration, and conciliation (SMAC o CMAC) services in labour judicial proceedings and before the Inspectorate of Work and Social Security or any other relevant authority in cases such as labour risk prevention, surcharges due to lack of security measures, notices of infraction or settlement of contributions, administrative procedures, etc.

Including, but not limited to:

(i)Collective transfers

(ii)Substantial changes in collective working conditions

(iii)Suspension of collective agreements and reduction of working hours

(iv)Collective dismissal (collective layoff)

Collective agreements, company agreements and agreement non-application procedures.

Drafting reports, verdicts or expert opinions.

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